CCTV är på jakt efter ny personal.

Anchors for News, Business and Sports Programs
Qualifications, Skills and Desirable Qualities:
* Native English speaker;
* University bachelor degree or above;
* At least 10 years broadcast journalism experience, preferably with internationally renowned media organizations;
* At least 5 years experience of dedicated anchoring within one of the above three specialist fields;
* Knowledgeable and curious about China and its social issues;
* Thorough knowledge of television production techniques, both studio-based and in the field;
* Strong ability to broadcast unscripted and improvise during passages of changing and breaking news;
* Strong research skills;
* Calm under pressure.

Den mest kända utlänningen på CCTV9 måste vara Edwin Maher.

Maher was quoted as saying: “Politically sensitive news, like any other news, has to be read clearly.” … Maher explained in numerous interviews that the news he reads does not and should not represent his personal views. This is a professional and polite answer to avoid ideological debates.

Maher har fått mycket skit för att han har sålt sitt ansikte och röst till den kinesiska propagandamaskinen.

Dagens kinesiska lektion:

2 Responses to “Sökes: Utländsk journalist till salu”

  1. staff Says:

    Maher är en riktig legend!

  2. Alex i Kina Says:

    Legendarisk sell-out!